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Printing a4 advertising folders or the same folders as pockets is used to store single-page catalogs, advertising leaflets, price lists, and company proposals. The folder is also used in meetings to provide administrative correspondence and contracts.

In addition to the practical discussion of folder printing, the advertising aspect and its impact on the audience is also very important. By printing an attractive and unique folder along with introducing your company or organization, you can increase your credibility and organizational identity with the audience.

It is also possible in the folders to provide more information about the collection to the audience or customer by placing a CD and business card.

Folder printing application

The application of folder printing can be divided into two categories: advertising and office. Many companies are purposeful in providing catalogs of services and products to their customers. In this way, among the services and products provided by the collection, according to the customer’s needs, they put the product group that the customer wants in the folder and present it to their audience. This speeds up the selection of the audience according to their needs.

Folder printing

Advertising folder

Printing advertising folders is also cost-effective. Due to the addition or decrease of products in each collection during a year, you no longer need to print your entire product catalog, and by adding new products in the form of one-page catalogs into the folder, you introduce your new products.

Office folder

The administrative application of the folder is in administrative correspondence, presenting draft contracts, archiving office papers, presenting company proposals, and so on. For this purpose, the cardboard used in folder printing must have a high resistance. Therefore, generally the paper used in printing the glossy cardboard folder is 300 grams and matte or glossy cellophanecover is also used. The loop punch is also used in the folder for office archiving.

This way of presenting leaflets in administrative meetings, in fact, expresses organizational order and identity and is a sign of respect for the other party. In addition, the use of the folder and the way it is presented and presented, has a very good effect on the audience and will have a great impact on the decision regarding the brand.

In fact, when customers see the organization and order in the company, it will help a lot in the development and success of the brand and the possibility of cooperation and purchase will increase.

Print a cardboard folder

Folder dimensions

The dimensions of the folder are generally closed so that A4 paper can easily fit inside. Folders are in two or three sheets and do not have a specific template and design, and you can design the folder template in different dimensions according to your needs. The folder format should be such that the cardboard used has the smallest circumference.

The format of the folder print varies with the size of the paper holder pocket, and you can also add applications such as CD and business card holders to the folder pocket. Also, if the number of sheets in the folder is large, it can be designed to be flexible .

Cardboard folder

Folder printing price

The price of printing a folder changes with the type of template. While the folders are in A4 size when closed, the most important point in the price of printing a folder is the wide dimensions of its mold, which makes it possible to use larger or smaller paper. You can design it in different dimensions according to your needs and the application of folder printing. The price of folder printing also depends on the type of paper, whether the printing is single or double, the type of cellophane cover, the use of UV, gilding, embossing, and so on.

Print folders in collectors

The role of advertising folders in business

In the marketing and advertising industry, all organizations and businesses are looking for ways to attract customers, one of which is the printing of advertising folders. Due to the applications of the advertising folder in everyday life, it may go hand in hand and make people more familiar with the brand and its type of service. This is one of the main advertising aspects of ordering and buying folders.

Folder design

The design principles of an advertising folder are very different from the design of organizational and office folders, and the type of application must be considered at the time of design. Also, if an organization or company decides to prepare an office set, the design of the folder can be ordered according to the office set and printed with the same and similar compositions; This way, the tabs will be aligned with each other when placed in the folder. The design of the folder in a professional, colorful and attractive way attracts a lot of attention and expresses the organizational identity.

Folder design

Design and print folders in collectors

We collectors, by designing functional and unique templates along with beautiful, effective and attractive design, allow you to present your advertising folder to your audience in various economic, advertising, office and fantasy situations. Give.

Folder printing with unique visualcharms, the use of high-strength paper and the highest quality printing along with the price of folder printing in various modes, puts your collection in the best position according to your needs.

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