About Negaran Company

history of the company

history of the company
Printing and Advertising Complex with more than 35 years of experience in the field of design, lithography and printing since 1960, its official and specialized activity in the field of design and printing of newspapers and weekly magazines (Democracy, Message of Semnan Province, Solidarity, Asr Sabzevar, Payam Shargh Has started cooperation with public and textbook publishing houses (Razmandegan Publications, Fatemi Publications, Sabzan Publications, Sharif University, Semnan University, Garmsar University, etc.), production of yearbooks and calendars, cooperation with public and private institutions. Also, since 1984, due to the growing need of the market, creating a competitive environment between institutions and the need for advertising to advance the business goals of each enterprise, this group also entered the field of advertising. With more than thirty-five years of activity, Negaran is a group that with advanced facilities and machines is able to provide a complete chain of services in the field of printing and advertising to government organizations, manufacturing plants, public and private companies.

Excerpts from the services of collectors:
– Ideation and presentation of creative designs by the professional design team
– Consulting and execution of all printing affairs using the most advanced printing machines
– Design and production of yearbooks and calendars with the best quality
– Industrial photography of products
– Complete design of advertising campaigns and implementation of all its components

Company goals
– Customer loyalty and increase the level of satisfaction by adhering to commitments and customer support continuously
– Efforts to provide new innovations in the printing and advertising industry
– Leading in using the latest printing technologies in the world

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