Online calculation of A4 catalog printing price

A4 catalog printing price

The printing price of A4 catalog with specific dimensions and number of pages can be calculated by considering the type of paper, post-printing services and circulation in different cases. You can estimate the price of printing your catalog in different heating and circulation by selecting the following options. This allows you to get the best option for printing your catalog in the shortest time according to the budget.

Catalog size

Catalog type

Cover paper

Number of cover pages

Number of internal pages

Paper material inner pages


UV cover on the cover

Binding type


to calculate the price


– The submitted file is 297.215 mm, which will be delivered after printing and binding 290.210 mm.
– The submitted file is checked by the QC writers section before printing and in case of any problem, the desired corrections are mentioned.
– According to the circulation and post-printing services, waste is 3 to 7%.
– All printing steps include a money back guarantee.
– Catalog delivery time is 5 to 10 working days depending on the type of service.
– If your catalog includes more services that are not available in the online calculation panel of writers, contact our partners to register your order.

Catalog printing portfolio

Online calculation guide:

First, select the type of catalog, it should be noted that the vertical or horizontal nature of the catalog has no effect on its price. In the next step, select the cover paper. Basically, cardboard cover paper is 250 or 300 grams. You can also choose lower temperatures for economical catalogs. The number of pages of the cover is to indicate whether the cover is printed one or two times. Then specify the number of internal pages, which is a multiple of 4. 135 or 150 grams of paper is usually used in the inner pages. But for economic catalogs, 120 grams of paper can also be used. Can also be used for catalogs with less than 170 or 200 grams of paper. در مرحله بعد پوشش روی جلد که شامل سلفون مات، براق و مخملی می‌باشد را انتخاب کنید. Usually the type of cover is different according to the design and type of taste of people. But for works with UV coating on the cover, matte or velvet cellophane should be used. Also, depending on the type of cover design and creating a better visual effect, you can use local, embossed or sandy UVs for the cover. In the next step, specify the type of binding. Flat and loop staple binding is selected for catalogs with less than 40 pages and for catalogs with more pages, hot glue binding can be selected. Finally, by selecting the catalog print run, the calculation of the price of your catalog is determined and you can register your order. It should be noted that with the increase in print circulation, due to the fixed costs of catalog printing, the price of each catalog will be lower, so it is economical to choose a higher circulation according to the need for consumption.

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