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Online brochure design How to design a brochure Design price

Online brochure design of the printing and advertising company, all the steps are done online, the price of brochure design in many cases due to the print brochure may even be free. To view the standard brochure design price, refer to the bottom of this page. In the following, we will examine how to design a brochure in 8 steps.

How to design a brochure

How to design a brochure

Brochure design can be a valuable project. Brochure design is more than just arranging sections, it’s actually a combination of texture and feel. Brochure design is not an easy task. In addition, even if you take into account all the design considerations, there are still items that are specific to the printing part. Here are some helpful tips to improve your brochure design.

1. Understand the characteristics of printing

Unlike screen design, you need to know exactly what your print budget is. This information can affect the amount, size and paper and its effects.

Start by setting up the brochure specification so that when designing in the software (probably in Adobe InDesign), you create exactly what you need from the beginning.

Think about the size of the paper and the number of pieces. Before you get too deep into the design process, it is very important to know the capabilities of the printer. For thick brochures and booklets, you may also want to consider placing the pages side by side.

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2- Consider the audience in designing the brochure

The design and distribution of a brochure design should reflect the characteristics of the audience that is to receive the brochure. Even designs that are digitally distributed like traditional paper brochures can be transferred to a PDF using interactive features.

If you are handing out a brochure to people on the move, consider the size and format of their pocket or bag. Three-leaf brochures or postcards can be good options.

Finally, for key stakeholders or partners, a thicker or more powerful brochure with multiple pages or large sizes may be appropriate.

One of the final points you should pay attention to about the audience is to consider the age of the recipients. Are they young or old? This can affect the size, type and overall feel of the design.

brochure design

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3- Use quality elements

You can not use low quality elements when producing brochures for printing. A low resolution photo or image is revealed quickly. Using a test copy of letters that were not made for printing will fail quickly.

You need to use high quality and high resolution elements to make sure your brochure design is great. This includes images, icons and logos, pens and color palettes.

While the exact specifications vary depending on the project and the printing method, usually the design elements and images must have a resolution of at least 300dpi on the screen so that their quality is not reduced when printing.

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3- Use textures in the design of the brochure

There are many physical features that you can use to design a printed brochure. These elements can help add sensory value to your message because visual appeal is important to readers.

Consider the following features and tools:

  • foil: Brilliant letters or features for a particular part of the design
  • UV: Glossy or matte parts on part of the design
  • Letterpress: A print that affects specific parts of the design
  • Number of: Double and triple brochures are not your only option, other interesting templates can encourage the user to interact.
  • Paper : Different types of paper with different textures can adjust the tone of a project
  • Cut: Cutting parts of the design can have a fascinating mystery in its heart.

4- Do not forget Call-to-Action

One of the elements that is often forgotten in print publications is Call-to-Action. What is the purpose of the brochure? What should users do after seeing or reading it?

Explain this to them. Whether they have to go to a specific place for an event or have to call a phone number, your design should be such that it encourages readers to do what the brochure aims to do.


5. Think about showing the brochure

Where can users view or download your brochure?

Design a brochure that can be easily seen in the environment.

One of the most common issues with brochure design is to forget that many brochures are placed inside special stands for display. Make sure key images and messages are easily visible and readable in this mode.

Another important point is the size and scale of the brochure. How big is the brochure? From what distance should it attract the attention of people who see it? Design elements should be scaled accordingly.

6- White or how many colors? Single version design or multiple versions?

Choose a theme for brochure design and apply it. Keep in mind that you need to think about the design of your brochure page by page. The cover and inside pages should follow the same theme, or you may want to create multiple versions of a brochure with different themes, such as the example below.

Set up a simple brochure theme to provide a user-friendly experience for readers.

Brochure Design | Printing and advertising negaran

7- Review the design and text of the brochure several times

There is nothing more embarrassing and costly than finding a misspelling or mistake in the design of a brochure.

Print and review a sample of your design. Then give it to someone else and have them review it. It is best to do this several times to make sure your brochure is correct as there will be a lot of cost to you if there is a mistake in the brochure.

8- Use quality paper

The choice of brochure paper can affect how the design affects the audience. In addition, the type of paper is effective in the techniques used in the design process.

As a general rule, heavier papers give you better flexibility with more color and printing techniques. In this way, these brochures are very attractive to users. But that does not mean that thick paper is better.

Sometimes you may want a lower priced print, especially for large prints or distributions to a wider audience.

When choosing a paper type, consider the message that the brochure wants to convey. Do they match?

Online brochure design

9- Design for printing

Remember to design your own brochure for printing.

Use CMYK color. Notice how the elements are read in different sections of the brochure.

Sometimes it is difficult to imagine a complex brochure design when it is printed.

8- Use quality paper

Do your best to provide the best example. Make sure the elements and pages in the brochure look great.

Sometimes effects like embossing can be interesting or a cut can create a weird space for design elements on different pages. Special attention and considerations in the design process can create a unique effect.


Brochure design can be a lot of fun, but there are many considerations. Especially if you have not followed this professionally.

When in doubt, move on to a simpler design. By doing this, you can easily imagine what will be in your hands after the printing step. Simple, minimalist styles often require less budget.


Brochure design price

Cover design price

Brochure cover design
toman 250/000
  • Presenting 2 basic etudes
  • Professional designers
  • Shaving up to 2 times free
  • The time to submit the initial plan is 4 working days
  • 100% money back guarantee

The design price of each interior lat

Brochure interior design
toman 150/000
  • Presenting 2 basic etudes
  • Professional designers
  • Shaving up to 2 times free
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • The time to submit the initial plan is 4 working days
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