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Magazine and publications printing Magazine Printing Journal Design | Print Magazine | Magazine printing prices Magazine design

The first step in publishing magazines and publications is to have the right planning to design the magazine. Magazine printing and Printing magazines in iran requires sufficient skill and experience to achieve the desired result. In fact, to print a promotional magazine and design the magazine in a way that can attract the audience, you need to rely on the knowledge and experience of a professional team. You can leave the design of your magazine and publications to group writers at the right price for the magazine.

Magazines and periodicals are usually published monthly or quarterly. Printing magazines and publications at a reasonable price can be important for many users. In the group of design and printers NEGARAN, you can get the price of Printing magazines in iran in suitable conditions, which is done in the form of offset or digital printing. It should be noted that magazines are the size of standard paper and are made by special devices for printing and designing publications. In many cases, there is a necessary correlation between the subject matter of the magazines and their size in the publication of the journal.

Among the publications, you can see two different groups that are published exclusively and publicly, and the main difference is in the circulation that is published. Mostly magazines and public publications are in high circulation and are offered in different subjects. This is while magazines with specific themes are published mainly for specific collections or companies that can publish their important content and events, in which case, it also has its own audience.

Magazine and publications printing Magazine Printing Journal Design | Print Magazine | Magazine printing prices Magazine design

Magazine printing prices

In order to be able to have the best quality and price of your Printing magazines in iran, it is necessary to consider all the necessary factors such as fonts, page titles, illustrations, etc. and do its professional design and layout. Also, the binding and size of the magazine are other things that you should pay attention to. Another point is the attractive design of the magazine cover and consider the type of paper suitable for printing magazines and publications. All of this can affect the printing price of magazines and publications, as well as the amount of audience attraction.

Magazine design

In order to be able to print and publish magazine and magazine design professionally, you need to apply the basics that apply to many types of magazines and publications. If you open all kinds of magazines, the main background color behind the original version is white. This method was used for many reasons in addition to printing technology in printing publications. Even in cases where the white background is not used, a simple background, light color or with a delicate design is used. This makes the copy very readable and prevents eye strain.

In some cases, you can find the original text on an image, but in these cases, you will often find that the size has increased and special attention is paid to ensuring adequate contrast between the text and the image. It is rare to find a complete article on images. The same should apply to any design and publication of magazines and publications.

Journal design

Browse through several magazines and you will probably find that there is a lot of compatibility from page to page. The fonts and headings are the same in print and magazine design, or the layout of the home page is the same. Sure, the layout of the articles may be different, but things like page numbers are found in almost the same place, and the images are likely to be displayed in the same style, among other things.

Journal publication

This consistency in publishing magazine is reassuring to the reader. They flip from page to page and know what to expect. The same is true from one issue of the magazine to another. This type of compatibility can be easily transferred to a variety of magazines.

Make sure things like the headline and other key elements of your design are the same throughout the magazine. In this regard, make sure that your fonts are compatible and not only the fonts, but also the size and styles used are consistently stable.

Because the layout of the magazines is so consistent, any deviations from the standard layout are noticeable and stand out among the other pages. This is why we often find that the original and featured article is formatted in a magazine with a different title and design.

The same principle can be applied to the publication of magazines and publications on any subject. If you have a specific page that you want to highlight, make changes to the standard layout. This is often done with two specific types of pages. In any case, the point is to make the page special to your visitors.

Magazine and publications printing Magazine Printing Journal Design | Print Magazine | Magazine printing prices Magazine design

Magazine and magazine printing

Advertisements in magazines are always clearly identified by the content of the magazine. It is either visually distinct from the content of the editorial, or is specifically marked as advertising. This is about audience trust. If your readers are unsure of editorial and advertising, they are more likely to distrust your content in magazine and Printing magazines in iran.

Order online printing of magazines and publications

Larger images are typically used in magazine and magazine printing. In fact, you will see many images that cover a whole page or even a two-page page. You can easily use images that take up the entire page in print. They attract the attention of visitors, while being more visually appealing. Incorporating large images into your design is a bold move and can really make the design stand out. You can simply order prints and magazines and publications online at Negaran.

Calculate the cost of printing a magazine

This may not seem obvious at first. However, most magazines have large paragraphs of text that actually cover the entire page. But these large paragraphs of text are generally broken by things like quotes or pictures. You rarely have page-by-page text in consumer magazines. Of course, commercial or scientific publications can be different stories. Keep in mind that before taking any action to design and print a magazine, you should calculate the cost of printing the magazine so that you can make the best decision about the layout and designs.

Instead of putting your original text in large chunks, you can parse it with typographic elements, images, and even ads. Even simple things like keeping paragraphs short and dividing the content into sections with headings can make a significant difference in readability and attracting visitors’ attention.

Low edition Printing magazines in iran

The cover of a magazine acts as its teaser. When an audience is looking at magazines in a newsstand, the cover of a magazine is very useful to get their attention. This is the only opportunity that most magazines have to attract new readers to review the new issue. It should be noted that in addition to reviewing the important points in creating the attractiveness of the magazine, you can also manage its costs and request the authors to print a low-circulation magazine

Magazine and publications printing Magazine Printing Journal Design | Print Magazine | Magazine printing prices Magazine design

Cheap magazine printing

While many of the principles of magazine layout and design can be easily applied, keep in mind that the principles of magazine and magazine printing can actually vary depending on the topic and its type. Although good content is key, how it is presented to the reader affects how it is received. Sometimes even content is not conveyed or ignored because it is visually difficult or tedious to read. Of course, it should be noted that printing a cheap magazine does not mean losing the quality of design and printing.

Immediate publication of the magazine

Here are some basic principles that will quickly improve any design and allow the magazine to be printed immediately.

Principles of Contradiction:

Keep in mind that the more important elements must be larger. Magnify the dominant element, whether graphic or textual, to create more visual contrast and interest.


In this way, in printing magazines and publications, it creates links between the elements of a page. Whether the elements are close or far from each other indicates the relationship between them. For example, addresses, phone numbers, and routes are usually grouped together. Also, the list of benefits of a particular product is usually opposed to scattering in different parts of the page.

Alignment :

Randomly placed text and graphics on a page can be confusing and can deter the reader from getting all the information. How to align the type and graphics on a page relative to each other can make your design easier or more difficult. It can also add visual appeal to a boring or appropriate design.

Imagine a range of space at the edges of your screen. When placing the elements next to that imaginary edge, it should remain fixed. For example, some text is paved 3/4 inch from the edge and some 1 inch. It seems to be placed randomly and disrupts the visual path that the eyes must follow on the page in the printing of magazines and publications.


Use one element more than once to create visual unity. This helps to create links between different parts of the page so that the viewer sees it as a whole rather than a bunch of separate pieces. You can repeat shapes, fonts or even a specific color.

Magazine and publications printing Magazine Printing Journal Design | Print Magazine | Magazine printing prices Magazine design

Fonts in magazine printing

Another important point is to use the fonts in Printing magazines in iran. Do not use fancy fonts for the original text. These fonts are hard to read. These titles are sometimes not suitable for titles and titles because their larger size makes them easier to read. Usually you should not use more than three different fonts.

Using several different fontsmakes everything look random and greatly undermines the unity of the design. If you want something more prominent, instead of adding other fonts, make it bigger or a different color.

White space:

Designs that try to put a lot of text and graphicson the page in magazines and publications are annoying and difficult to read. White space breathes into your design and helps the viewer’s eye move from one thing on the page to another more easily.

Make sure your margins fit. Do not allow text to run close to the edges of the page unless you do so for specific reasons. However, photos and graphics can be taken off the screen. When any image or element on a page touches the edge of the page, it extends beyond the edge, leaving no margins and may spread from one or more sides.

Print advertising magazine

In order to be able to present and design a suitable magazine and magazine and reach the price of printing magazines and magazines that are reasonable and commensurate with your budget, you can get the necessary advice from the design and printing team. Here, by using the expertise and experience of experts in designing and printing advertising magazines, you can have the best quality in printing your publications and get the desired result.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

What steps must be taken to order the publication of magazines and publications?

The best thing to do for printing magazines and publications is to send the file you want to the writers and then create the best product according to the design ideas in this collection.

Is the file check done in the magazine print in Negaran?

When you order a magazine print, the required content and images will be thoroughly reviewed first.

How much does it cost to print a magazine?

You can contact the sales department to find out the cost of printing the magazine.

How much does it cost to design a magazine for a design team?

Based on the content and design that is done, the costs related to the design of the magazine will be calculated.

How long does magazine design take?

If you do not have an idea for the design of your publication, you can spend a limited amount of time, transfer your expectations to the experts to do the design work according to them.

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