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Book printing Book printing steps Low volume book printing Book printing prices Cheap book printing

One of the main concerns of authors and authors is Book printing in iran and book printing stages. Today, by choosing to print books in low circulation, the price of book printing can be achieved in ideal and affordable conditions. You can even print a cheap book in suitable conditions for printing your one-volume book in Negaran. Expert writers help you with how to calculate the price of printing a book.

Before discussing Book printing in iran , it is necessary to provide a brief history of offset lithographyprinting. This type of cheap book printing was first developed in the late eighteenth century and is based on the principle that oil and water repel each other. When designing a book, an image of the text is transferred to thin sheets of metal, paper or plastic. The rollers then rub the ink and water containing the oil on the plates. These can affect the price of book printing, which with the necessary measures and expertise, printers can provide book printing at the lowest cost.

Because oil and water do not mix, oil-based inks do not adhere to areas without the image on the screen that are waterproof. Then only the inked part of the screen is transferred to a rubber-coated cylinder, which transfers the image to the layer used.

Before printing the book, the metal printing pages of the book should be prepared and a text image of the book should be prepared. Originally, text consisted of separate pieces of metal assembled page by page, rather than digitally pasted onto a page. This is an extremely difficult process that requires skill and experience. The advancement of printing technology to what we have today has made it possible to produce reasonably priced books in the mass market and has revolutionized the dissemination of knowledge and art. That is why you can have all kinds of printing services with cheap and convenient book printing prices and in the shortest time.

Book printing Book printing steps Low volume book printing Book printing prices Cheap book printing

Cheap Book printing in iran

Each printing machine has its own specifications that determine how many pages can be produced on one page. It is usually sixteen pages, but it can be eight, thirty-two, and so on. The number of pages should be a multiple of this number, which is why when printing a cheap book, you sometimes see blank pages at the beginning or end of the book. For example, a 1000-page book can be divided into sixty-three sixteen-page sections with eight blank pages that can be printed at the lowest cost.

First, a loop of paper is loaded onto the base of the print loop. The type, weight, color and width of the article vary from book to book and are specified and submitted by the publisher. The spool base is designed to open rolls of paper on book printing lines.

Then, in the process of printing the book, the article passes through a chain of rollers called a feeding station. The main function of the feed station is to act as a movement towards the base of the spool and to pull the paper out of the moving loop at the speed of a rotating press. It also helps prevent creases and keeps the paper straight as it passes.

Book printing steps

In the printing process of the book, after feeding, the running paper loop enters the printing units and passes through the ink system, damping system and printing cylinders. First, the rollers in the ink system transfer it to the metal plate. The rollers in the damping system then spray water on the screen and remove all excess ink from areas that do not need ink. Finally, the printing cylinders transfer the ink area to the cylinder and then paste the image onto the paper ring.

Binding in book printing

One of the most important steps in Book printing in iran is bookbinding. These are the steps that after passing the paper spool through the printing unit, the papers are cut, folded, arranged and packaged to be ready for proper bookbinding according to the type of book. To turn. The books are bound in different sections and have a unique barcode that is printed on their cover, which distinguishes each book from other printed items.

Book printing Book printing steps Low volume book printing Book printing prices Cheap book printing

Book cover preparation

Book cover preparation is printed on a separate printer due to the need for specialized printing. For example, it may be colored foil or embossed. Usually two volumes of a book are printed on a sheet of paper and cut to size. Book cover design work is a specialized work done by professionals who sticks it on the book when the book is printed at the lowest cost, after the design is ready.

As the book is printed in sections, the sections must be stacked correctly before gluing the cover. After attaching the book cover to the printed parts of the book, it is cut for the last time.

Print books in low circulation

Books, like all printing projects, are custom-made. This is because each book project is unique and created for a specific purpose. When ordering a low-volume Book printing in iran , you need to identify the most important ones, such as cutting out the book based on the topic you need to consider.

Although most books can be printed in almost any size you choose, keep in mind that all commercial printers have specific page sizes that they offer as standard sizes. These standard sizes are determined by the type of equipment used by the printer. In order to be able to afford the printing price of the book, it is necessary to choose the appropriate size of the book cut.

Book printing Book printing steps Low volume book printing Book printing prices Cheap book printing

How to calculate the price of printing a book

In addition to determining paper requirements, the number of cheap book prints also helps your printer determine the type of printing house that is right for your project. For example, if you only need 200 or 300 copies of your book, printing books in a digital printing house will generally cost you less. Contact the experts on how to calculate the price of printing a book.

This is because digital printing has minimal start-up costs associated with production. Press offset, on the other hand, has higher costs that cannot be effectively used in a limited edition book.

However, with increasing orders, for example 500 or more, offset printing is the most cost-effective printing method. Although the cost of setting up offset printing is higher, more ordering allows the cost to be distributed to more books, and when an offset press works, the actual cost of applying ink to paper is much lower than a digital machine.

Incidentally, just because the cost and cost of printing a book decreases as the number of orders increases, it is still wise to consider which volume is right for you. Lower printing costs are great, but if you need more books to order, this is best offset printing.

This can be especially true for early copies of books that have no history, or when the content of the book needs to be changed. It is always best to consider a conservative approach to the extent to which the book is well-distributed.

Binding method in book printing

The bookbinding method in Book printing in iran refers to how the cover and the pages are connected to each other. Common binding methods include several items. In a type of binding, the pages and cover are glued together with a strong yet flexible adhesive on the back and connecting the book. The other three sides of the book are then cut to give them perfectly clean edges.

In the other type, the plates and the cover are folded and joined together, then stapled together. In cheap book printing, however, in a spiral connection, the pages and the cover are connected with a durable plastic ring. They are inserted through small holes that are drilled along the edge of the book cover and pages to connect the papers after the book is printed. There are other types for binding valuable and thick books.

In many cases, the number of pages in the book will help you decide which connection method to use. For example, an 8-page book can be stapled. To print a book with the lowest cost and binding it, you can use the services of design and printers.

Book printing Book printing steps Low volume book printing Book printing prices Cheap book printing

Type and thickness of paper in book printing

The characteristics of the paper you choose for the cover and pages of the book, such as texture, thickness and glossy surface, largely depend on two factors. The first factor is the type and thickness of paper in the book. For example, a book with a heavy and shiny cover offers a higher quality than its thin version.

If your book promotes a company history or list of top-selling products, logically the choice of paper should accurately reflect a superior image. If this book is an operational manual seen only by your company workers, the article could be more rudimentary.

The second factor is how long you want your book to last. If your book is a directory that is rarely published, you should use heavy paper to print the book, possibly with a protective coating such as UV or laminate.

This will help to print the book in the next steps. However, if your book is a magazine or magazine that is often published monthly or quarterly, the thickness of the paper and the durability of the cover can be generally reduced if you choose. Also, if you plan to distribute books by post or package delivery service, thin paper generally saves shipping costs.

How to calculate the price of printing a book

Is your book printed in full color pages and full color cover? Or are some elements, such as inside pages, printed in black ink? Another important piece of information to consider when printing a book and how to calculate the cost of printing a book is whether the pages are printed in color and whether the cover is printed on both sides or only on one side. In general, printed pages with a dark or heavy ink coating on both sides should be made of thicker paper to prevent ink from appearing to the other side.

Also, when printing a book, if the ink printing extends to the edge of the paper called the bleed, you need to notify the printer. Depending on the project, the ink will sometimes cost a little more and increase the cost of printing the book. Because it needs to be printed on a larger piece of paper and then cut to the desired size.

Note that a professional and experienced team of designers and printers can print books in the size, color or style of binding you need. We are happy for you to contact us about your book project. You can express your needs regarding the printing of your book, and while receiving the necessary advice, also receive the suggestions of the writers so that you can publish your valuable book in the best quality.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

What are the steps to order a book?

In order to be able to print your book, the first step is to deliver the relevant file to the authors along with the contract.

What is the price of printing a book?

In order to be able to calculate the cost of printing a book, it is necessary to consider many factors such as the number and type of paper and binding. But it is possible to get some price from the experts before ordering the print.

Is the book designed by writers?

It is possible for writers to edit and design a book and then prepare it for publication.

Is it possible to print a book at the lowest cost?

The design and printing team has always tried to include the printing of books at the lowest cost in its work plan to support the authors.

What to do to print a cheap book?

In order to be able to save money and print a cheap book, it is recommended that you first get the necessary advice from the group writers.

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